Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mandarin Chicken Salad

Okay, this salad is an addiction. I think about it. I think about making it. I think about eating it. It is such a simple dish, but so very good! I actually got this recipe from my wonderful friend Katharine who got it from her very sweet mom, Muriel. Thank you both for sharing this one!!!

Mandarin Chicken Salad
4 chicken breasts (or use a rotisserie chicken from the store)
1 16 oz box acini de pepe pasta
3 small cans mandarin oranges (or 2 large cans)
3-5 stalks celery, chopped finely
1/3 sweet onion, chopped finely
small bunch green grapes, cut in quarters (I prefer red but green taste great too)
2 pkgs. slivered almonds (1 cup)
1-1/2 cup mayonnaise (or to taste)
salt & pepper (to taste)
1 tsp. celery seed
1 tsp. Johnny's Seasoning Salt

Bake chicken in pan covered with foil at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes or until done (or remove meat from rotisserie chicken). Meanwhile, cook pasta as directed and refrigerate. Once chicken is cooled, finely shred or cut into small cubes; toss with seasoning salt. Mix all remaining ingredients. Stir and chill before serving. Salt & pepper to taste.

TRY THIS ONE!!! It makes a ton but lasts for a long time so you can do what I did and eat it for lunch and dinner for 4 days in a row. Sorry I don't have a photo - I will try to be better about photos with my recipes for you visual people (like me!).

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Sam and Brandi said...

aaack! Fruit in my food!

Just kidding - this actually sounds yummy!